Green Cleaning


Green Cleaning

The BPS Green clean is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint and providing top quality cleaning services. We carefully choose equipment and products to ensure we select materials and equipment that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

The BPS Green cleaning goals are simple:

Maintain clean and safe facilities

Protect the health and safety of all workers

Reduce environmental impact by eliminating the use of environmentally harmful cleaning products

Reduce costs by managing employing resources effectively and efficiently

Factors considered in developing Green cleaning standards:

Examination of best methods to clean buildings in a sustainable manner

Use of cost effective environmental friendly products

Use of chemical concentrates and controlled dilution systems

Use of environmentally friendly equipment

Extensive staff training in the use of Green cleaning procedures

Green clean

Roles and Responsibilities:


Benchmark and evaluate procedures in order to follow best practices and achieve objectives.

Develop cleaning schedules that will maximize staff potential.

Ensure cleaning staff have a clear understanding of goals and objectives of green cleaning procedures.

Cleaning Staff

Attend site training and testing units

Obtain certification (asset management certificates III) for testing units

Utilize recognized green cleaning and maintenance procedures

Report any violation of green cleaning standards or procedures

Facility cleaning strategies

Ensure cleaning products are used effectively and efficiently

Preserve clean and safe site facilities

Maintain equipment to reduce the impact on interior air quality

Amend schedules and events to match the changing needs of the customer

Minimize waste by using certified products that reduce dumping or recycling costs

Purchasing Green Products

BPS green purchasing policy demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability. By purchasing effective green products, we aim to play a significant role in environment sustainability.

BPS uses agar chemicals especially formulated to be phosphate-free and biodegradable. The combination of green cleaning chemicals with low energy equipment provides cost efficient environmental sustainability.

BPS Green Purchasing Policy

Green purchasing is the practice of obtaining goods and services that causes the least threat to the environment. Green products are those manufactured with environmentally friendly materials or are manufactured in a method to reduce negative impacts to the environment.



Durable and non-disposable

Non-toxic, preferably biodegradable



Made from raw materials obtained in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner

Reduce environmental damage

Shipped with minimal packaging (consistent with care of the product), made of recycled and/or recyclable materials

Products that meet the above criteria will be considered as Green products. We will use and promote products that meet our stringent quality control guidelines.

Purchasing Procedures

We communicate with our suppliers on a quarterly basis to obtain information on new products that meet our "Green" criteria. We make every effort to include the best available green products in our cleaning product inventory