Our Services

Floor Strip and Seal


Floor surfaces suitable for floor stripping and sealing are wood, vinyl, slate, terrazzo and terracotta floors. If your floors are dull and worn, you will need our floor strip and seal service.

Floor stripping and sealing with BPS commercial grade solutions will leave them rejuvenated and exceptionally durable. The life of your floor will be extended and our process will prevent unsightly markings and soil penetration. We will seal your floors with a "wet look" non-slip gloss finish.

Carpet Steam Cleaning/ Grout Cleaning


We use professional grade carpet cleaning equipment that will maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic value of your carpeting. We use environmentally friendly stain removal techniques and offer Citrus based cleaning products.

Our staffs are trained to clean any type of carpet. The type of cleaning method will be determined by our staff to ensure you receive quality cleaning results.

Window Cleaning


The BPS window cleaning team is fully trained and properly equipped to safely clean properties regardless of size. After careful evaluation of the facilities, BPS will provide the necessary staff and equipment for the task.

Window cleaning may require poles and ladders or our specialized Water Fed Pole Pure Water cleaning equipment. We will assess the facility to determine the type of equipment that will be needed to clean the windows. Our staff are licensed and trained to work in high risk environments. We will develop a plan and window cleaning schedule to meet your requirements.

If you have a building that is above three stories, our competent staff members are licensed by Work Safe Victoria to work in high risk environments using boom lifts.

Initial and final construction cleaning


BPS specializes in construction cleaning. We will provide extensive cleaning services before and after construction. Our cleaning crew members are trained to handle all cleaning associated with initial and final construction cleaning. Our professional crew will not overlook the smallest details. We will provide the quality cleaning service you require. Our staff will develop and implement a systematic cleaning plan. We will utilize professional grade equipment and cleaning products.

Areas of expertise include window cleaning, floor care, strip and wax wipe down, disinfectant restroom cleaning, stainless steel polishing and pressure washing. We provide skilled and disciplined cleaning staff with on-site supervision.

General Cleaning



Main concern of any business is the cleanliness of the facilities particularly areas which have frequent public visitors. Our general cleaning services will maintain the functionality and cleanliness of any facility. Our staff are trained to perform in the smallest office environments and in large office environments that include numerous workstations. Our general cleaning service will maintain a clean work environment for employees and provide a pleasant experience for your customers. Our staff will manage every detail to ensure your facility is cleaned to your satisfaction.

Our general cleaning services will provide you with quality cleaning to enhance your establishment and project a professional appearance. BPS will provide a clean environment for your staff and customers. We will provide exceptional results in the shortest time possible. You will be assured our superior cleaning techniques and well-trained staff will maintain your facility.

High Pressure Cleaning


Guaranteed Results and Accountability

We pressure clean all surfaces for residential, commercial and industrial customers. High pressure cleaning utilizes water subjected to high pressure to remove surface stains and foreign matter.

At Brightest Australia Property Services, we use the most powerful industrial strength machinery to get rid of the toughest of stains. Pressurized water will remove up to 95% of general stains. However, to remove more intense stains or foreign matter such as oil, cement render and chewing gum, additional chemical treatment may be required. We use a variety of environmentally friendly chemicals in our cleaning process.

We guarantee our price will match any competitor's price. Provide us with a written quotation from a competitor and we will match the price every time. In many situations, we may offer a lower price.